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Engine control from 2 locations


We have a John Deere engine already being controlled by TSC1 (0C000003) from a third party device. We would like to control the speed but have found, the 2 TSC1 messages are interfering with each other. I've used a higher priority and Tx rate but the speed still comes in 100 rpm low and wobbly. Is there a simple way around this?

I think you're going to be out of luck unless you can disconnect the other 3rd party device.  Changing priority is only for when messages 'collide' with each other on the CAN bus and need arbitration; it won't effect how the engine ECU reads them or decides what to do with them.

Is this other 3rd party device doing anything else, or can you simply disconnect it?

A long shot, and I don't know anything about the config capabilities of the John Deere, is maybe you can configure the John Deere engine to only accept the TSC1 message from a specific source address so that it ignore the message from the other device.  I wouldn't expect that to be a configurable option, but maybe it is.

Thanks FluidPowerTom, I've come to the same conclusion. It does engine control, start/stop and temp/pressure monitoring/shut down and has a pretty display. I said right from the start we could do everything but the customer went out on his own - must have a money to burn. I've suggested using theirs as an input to MC50 and then re-transmit the message but he's looking at a remote input device from the same manufacturer (I think it may be RS232/485 but he is yet to confirm - so that will be a no go for us)

Turns out the device uses MODBUS over RS232. Has anyone experience is controlling this using DP7xx? Cheers


what side is the Modbus? on the engine side?

So far I have worked with displays that uses Modbus but the Engine side is J1939.

in any case  if you have a Modbus on one side and CAN on the other side all what you need is a Gateway Modbus to J1939.

a good one is the one from Pyramid solutions a little expensive but really easy to work with

can you do a sketch of what you ahve in your system in regards of comm protocols?


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