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Display Scalable Image Library 70112442v100 is missing some svg files



I don't know if it is wanted or not, but a few symbols are missing in SVG format in the "Symbol" folder in the "Display Scalable Image Library 70112442v100" library.

I noted that at least these are missing when compared to the "000_Icon Chart.jpg" file :

- Fuel Level
- Engine Oil Pressure
- Lock
- Unlock

It would be nice if we could have access (in SVG format) to all the symbols shown in the "000_Icon Chart.jpg" file.

Addind to that, with the Tier4 / StageV requirements, I think it would be nice if you could add all the need DPF/Aftertreatment related symbols that are mandatory to be shown in a display screen. I know I can find them in the EIC program, but having these in SVG format would be easier.

Have a good day!


Thanks for the information.

This library was created back in 2013 for the DP7XX displays, and I have my doubt this is updated after the EIC for the DP430 was released.
I will talk to the responsible people about this. Either they need to updated the library or maybe remove it.

Have a nice day, and stay safe.


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