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PLUS+1 Developer's Conference in 2020?

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Tor, thanks for the response.

I'll add that an online Developer's Conference seems like it'd be just a webinar.  I can't imagine why there's high demand for that.  If you do host a virtual conference maybe try to break it down into smaller groups.  It could never approach the experience of having developers to talk with in-person about applications, but maybe it will get people talking with each other instead of just death by PowerPoint.

I would like some a session on software design patterns.  For example thinks like the screen Indexing based display that was shown in the Advanced Training.
Other good topics would be:

* Good design architecture for handling and reporting errors.
* How to use and customize the Fault Manager Library.
* Good practices for handling and storing parameters in systems where you have multiple modules.
* Recommended designs for communication between modules. 

Thank you,


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