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PVE-CC not responding to commands on CAN network.

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I've got one CAN-controlled valve out of a dozen, which is not responding to computer control.
If I've sorted out Sauer Danfoss' (SDF) names correctly, what I have are PVG32 valves, with PVE-CC computer-controlled valves bolted onto the back.
The kind with two four-pin plugs; One wire for power -, power +, CAN - and CAN +.
Pictures are attached, in case I've mis-named them.

I've got the correct address for this valve, and it shows up on the network when I plug in my laptop and start up Service Tool.
Furthermore, I'm using the exact same logic to send commands to this valve, as the other valves which are working properly.
I tried the P1D file from the downloads page on SDF website, and opened it in Service Tool, but was unable to find anything obvious.

Where should I be looking, and what should I be trying, to get this valve to respond to computer commands on the CAN bus?

Hi ET.

Do you have a part number of the PVE?

From past experience.

Error codes on the BUS (CANking)
LED Status.
Does it work manually?
Is there sufficient PVE pilot pressure?
Change the node ID and posistion of the PVE, does it work elsewhere on the valve?

You are going to have fun with this one  :)
regards Neil.

I did some troubleshooting with suggestions from Norcan, and the problem I'm left with is that, someone put a giant dead-zone in the middle of this valve.
i.e. The other valves achieve minimum flow at a command of 1 or -1, and maximum at 250 or -250 (forwards vs backwards).
This valve's minimum flow is somewhere up around +-55.
According to the guy on the phone, I should be able to reset the necessary parameters in Service Tool, with the P1D file from your website here:
This was working well enough for my earlier troubleshooting steps, but there's a problem when I try to use the Spool Data page to change the necessary parameters.
When I try to load the existing data from the valve, Service Tool pops up an error window saying that all of the values are out of the allowable ranges.
This happens on both the dead-zone valve, and the other functional valves.
So, I figure that this P1D file must have been written for a slightly different type of computer-controlled valve than I have.
Where can I look to find out the relevant model, and/or where would I find a different P1D file?
Alternatively, could I change the allowable ranges for data, in the current P1D file, and what would those be?


are you able to double click on the parameter file in the Diaognostic Navigator pane and reset the max and min limits of the particular EE?
If your answer is no I would suggest you contact the helpdesk regarding the issue.

Good luck.

regards Neil

Sauer-Danfoss has pre-made spool profiles that can be imported into the spool data page.  If you can find out what spool is in that section I can send you the profile (I'll also need to know what node ID it is).  If you can't find the spool part number, I may be able to track it down from the complete valve assembly number.


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