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DigFeedBack SC050 active without coil connected

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I have a safety controller using a digital output as example (C1p36) or 37 or others.
now without connected to coils the digFeedback is usually 1  when digOut is set.
The status is 8 (over temperature).
I make off the controller for long time when I start it is the same problem.

Please Can you tell me what is the problem?

Thank you very much
With best regards

A status value of 8 is Over Temperature/Open Load Detected. If you have nothing connected to the pin the status is reporting the open load.


Thanks for reply.

Yes it's correct when status=8,  it's open load but why DigFeedBack is ON for both cases open load or close load.

All digital output are the same problem however all multi-function digital output use FeedBackcurrent and also problem problem with status.

As resume all digital output has DigFeedback problem and all multifunction digital output has stutus problem

Please analyse rightly the result in the picture.

Any way I communicated with danfoss for this problem.  I wait for your answer.

Best regards

From my understanding DigFeedBack is correct. The description of DigFeedBack in the API specification is: -
The actual measured level on the digital output.
If DigOut is Ture and the output is not being disabled by the safety layer the pin will have supply voltage regardless of whether it is connected or not.

I tested a DigOut pin and a Multi Function pin in the different configurations (DigOut, DutyOut, CurrentOut & PVEOut) with nothing connected and see the same result that Status always = 0.

Hello again,

Sorry I am not agree with you. DigFeedback is not correct.  Please see good first picture .
It's not possible the DigFeedback can be on in both cases load connected and load non connected   (load is coil).

Moreover status indicate 0.  It's good result load connected but for Load non connected status indicate 8. So DigFeedBack must be 0.  Please see the picture.

I think some SC050 DigFeedBack has error problem.  In the past I use the same program with SC024.  It's working good.
Now I want to use SC050 but I find this error feedback.

For the moment I use Status as feedback but it's not good solution because status =8 is for over temperature and open load.

It's same problem for multi-function output but in this case it's status problem.  Please see good the second picture.

with best regards


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