Author Topic: Display Downloads still failing  (Read 8209 times)

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Display Downloads still failing
« on: February 22, 2018, 05:00:42 PM »

My last post detailed the problems I had with the DP720 remote downloads failing. Since then I have learned that it does not seem to matter if it is a DP720, DP610, DP610TM (these are all of the Danfoss displays we use) the remote display downloads fail more often then they succeed. I am still in the same position that after a failed download I cannot recover the device with the WS unit, I have to send a computer to the customer and use a CG-150. With that being said, I have not performed any remote display downloads on a machine in the field for quite some time.

I attended the developers conference and was assured the problem was fixed with the latest firmware. I have been in contact with the telematics group about the problem persisting but I have not received any feedback as to what is going on. I have several machines with WS units installed that are in need of display software updates. As patient as our customers are, it does not make sense to send them a computer to update their display when we sold them on the WS unit being able to do the job.

Below is all of the drivers, firmware, etc.

ST Version - I have used both version 9.0 and 10 to no avail.
ST WS Driver -
WS Firmware - 12.02


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