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Hey SJ,

after cheking with some other guys one recomendation was , why not you try just the pulse count alone?  I had different tasks in the controller. basically it had to remember the last count on power up, or from a display you can set a count, so all that was done on the controller.

so I tried just the count logic and it works fine it counts the same in both directions at 3000 Hz - that is what we want as max speed- .

perhaps the NV memories I had in the firmware were creating a consistent delay when going in the "negative" direction on the wheel

thanks for you feedback


SJ Industries:
I have had a few people ask about the logic to create a quad count I have attached a picture of the page I created. I use the DigIn pins with frequency function.

It will count up and down as the direction of the coder is turned, logic further on in this program converts to percentage output.


I have not noticed you replied.

So yes my logic is somewhat like your picture

turns out the coupler to the encoder had some slippery and misalignment, that was my problem, I installed a step motor to drive the encoder and get it tested but that coupling was the bad guy.

Thanks for the advise.


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