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Has the download progress bar been taken away when downloading programs into controllers?  I don't see one anymore.

Hello dlewis,

The progress bar in the PLUS+1 Service Tool is still there, at least when I test it in v2022.2.5.
If you still have the issue after a restart of the PC and/or Service Tool please create a case here:

Have a nice day.

Looks like I'll need to contact tech support.  I uninstalled the Service Tool, rebooted the computer and then reinstalled and nothing changed.

I got it !!!

Somehow the portion of the screen that shows the progress bar got pulled all the way to the bottom of the screen.  I didn't see it until I FULLY expanded the window.  Then I was able to see a glimpse of what I was missing.  I was then able to drag that part up to the middle of the screen so that when I resize the window to normal I can see the Progress Bar.

I hope this helps anyone that has the same issue in the future.


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