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I'm new to Plus+1 and struggling quite a bit at the moment to work it all out.

I am trying to program a PVG32 valve bank with 8 PVED-CC series 5 CAN open actuators into a MC50-110 controller, they are mostly controlling cylinder functions on an off road machine. I have found a hardware block for the series 4 actuators, but cant seem to find anything for a series 5.
Is there such a block, or do you have to make your own?

Also is there anywhere that does training in the UK? I have done the online elearning course, but seem to have more questions than answers after it.

Any help or advice would be massively appreciated.

I'd recommend giving it a try with the series 4 compliance block.  I wouldn't be surprised if it worked just as well.

The elearning is horribly outdated and probably does more harm than good.  That said, the development for Plus+1 takes place in Sweden, so there may be training opportunities fairly close by to you in the UK.  I'd recommend starting by asking your local distributor.


Ok, thank you very much i will give it a try.

I will have a word with our supplier to see about some training.

Thank you for your help.

Hi Sam,

The PVED-CC function block is intended for use with the SAE J1939 protocol and the ISOBUS standard for flow control. When using the CANopen compliant PVED-CC actuators I would recommend employing the CANopen function block library and sending set point messages according to the CANopen standard (VPOC - Valve POsition Control: range -16384 to 16384 / -100% to 100% spool displacement) using TPDO (transmit process data object) communication. Use RPDO (receive process data object) to receive the actual spool position feedback message from the valve actuator (VPOC feedback [spool position]: range -16384 to 16384 corresponding to -100% to 100% spool displacement). Create an object dictionary for altering parameter settings via SDO (service data object) communication. Heartbeat messaging protocol can also be employed for monitoring the node communication state together with emergency messaging (EMCY) for node status using a high priority CAN identifier to indicate error situations. The PVED-CC is an EMCY message producer.   

I hope this helps.

Good luck.         

Help me out here and confirm / answer:
After booting the PVE sends a "hello world"   0x700+NId,  message lenght 1 byte, Byte 0 = 0x00

I tell the PVE to wake up and go to work by sending 0x000 with 2 bytes of data, byte 0 = 0x01, Byte 1 = NId or 0x00 (to wake up all devices)

To go to work, I send the TPDO, cyclic @ f.i. 100ms:
A CAN message  0x200+NId, with  8 bytes of data. Bytes 2 and 3 should be VPOC, Bytes 4 to 7 are 0x00, but what is expected in Byte 0 & 1?
"dummy object" and an OD 0x3472 doesn't resolve in my memory. Is this discarded info that can be whatever i chose?

To request the actual spool position, do I send a request sync 0x80 message without data?
  And listen to Message  0x180+NId,  byte 2 and 3 if transmission type is set to Synchronous.
Or does the PVE always send a response after getting an new setpoint in event driven mode?

Data is always sent in a Least Significant Byte First?


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