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IX024 and SC024 using Primary and Ssecondary



Please I want to use some input from IX024-010 in primary and secondary S024-120.  My question is I must to use
double expansion IO_Module in primary and in secondary or exist other way to have access to input IX024-010 in secondary SC024-120.

Thank you very much

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Hi, the easiest way is to include the IX024-10 block in the primary and secondary. Then setting enable to false in the secondary application.

Only thing that may be useful to be handed over from primary to secondary are the Configured and CommStatus signals on the CAN sub-bus. E.g. Inputs->CAN->Configured
To hand the data over from primary to secondary, you will need to use the UART channel. The safety library has some function blocks that can help with that.

Best regards, Matt


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