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CANopen with Schneider PLC m340 & MC050-0110


Could you give me advices on SDO, CANopen with Schneider PLC m340 & MC050-0110?
EDS files of MC050-0110 were ready for PLC m340, master.
I have not used CANopen function block library ,SDO.
Please let me know how I make connections of CANopen function block library.


I may be wrong, but what I have learn about CANopen using Danfoss products is that the blocks are just basic, it is just the begining of what CANopen is.

in other words it is for CANopen developers, it is not a CANopen ready product, as a slave I think you get more work to do, basically you have to create all your object dictionary depending on what definition of CANopen you want to work with, like DS402 or so.

Using Danfoss as master in CANopen could requiere less work .

this is just my experiece on this

I hope it gives you a clue, you will not find EDS for danfoss products :'(

Hello, Pinias
Many thanks for your advices with your experience.
I have made the plus1-CANopen program with MC050 as a slave and Schneider PLC m340 as a master.
EDS files were made by me.
But there is one problem in the initial communication of CANopen between MC050 and PLC m340 as an attached photo.
 2 pcs of T-PDO and 1 pc of R-PDO were used...
I think ,  SDO- CANopen function block library has a clue to solve this failed state.
Could you send me an example program to know how the connections of CANopen function block library are made?
Thanks again!! Have a good day for you.

Hey Park,

the file attached is a basic file I did for a drive -early tests- , as you can see I did not use the SDO function block from danfoss, I just got confused on how to get the data I want.

now this is for a DP610 working as Master so it sends the SDO to do some configuration

I hope it helps

Hey Pinias,

Many thanks for your advices.
I will check again.


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