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MC050-118 OS version mismatch



I've been fiddling with Plus1 for some time and finally got to the point to uploading my program to the MC050-118 I have (I had tested it before but that was a while ago with a simple program)

However when I try to upload via the service tool I get an OS version of v180 instead of the v130 the MC unit has. Through the update centre I can't seem to see the v130 anymore. I didn't dare to upload it in case I'd brick it. So my question is, why was the v130 removed and how do I update the OS to current state?

I also have antother question that I'll throw in here but should deserve a seperate thread, I cannot seem to create test code anymore despite the code compiling error free, any idea why that might be?

Hello samuelhj,

The notification appears just to inform you that the two OS (HWDs) are not the same version. You should be able to download to the unit anyway.

With that said, we always encourage using the latest versions of the HWD files, and therefore only the latest files are kept in the Update Center.  A tip is to change the setting in Update Center to keep the files after installation.
If you really need the old file, contact PLUS+1 Helpdesk and they should be able to send it to you:

Have a nice day.

I forgot the second question about the Test code.

I guess you are talking about the PLUS+1 Test Tool?
This tool is connected to the Add-On license functional safety. Make sure the maintenance date is still valid.
If it is, please contact PLUS+1 Helpdesk.
If it's not valid, contact your Danfoss distribut/sales person to renew the license.

Have a nice day.


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