Author Topic: New release - PLUS+1 GUIDE and Service Tool version 10.1!  (Read 6085 times)

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Danfoss Power Solutions is proud to announce the release of PLUS+1 GUIDE & Service Tool version 10.1. The PLUS+1 team is continuously improving and updating the platform to stay ahead of the changing needs of the Industry and help you bring more advanced, higher performing machines to market faster and easier. Expanding on the features of version 10.0, the latest version will help you program faster, easier and more open.

The enhanced screen editor allows for faster UI Creation with the updates to the Configure Object Interface. The STRING data type is now available for a number of GUIDE components along with debugging support. The update comes with enhanced security by Multiple Tool Key Support.

Continuing with the focus and strategy of FAST*EASY*OPEN, the key functionality includes:
  • Screen Editor Updates in anticipation of the DM display platform release coming up this summer
  • Enhancements to:
          - String data types
          - Enhanced User Interface Menu Structure
          - PLC interface editing
          - Screen Editor updates
  • Support for:
          - Multiple Tool Key support
          - Embed passwords in Telematic devices
          - Advanced Page Lookup Tables
  • Communication security utilizing PLUS+1 Interlink

For more details please read the Release Notes under Help menu in PLUS+1 GUIDE and Service tool!

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk team