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PWM Input
« on: May 31, 2013, 10:22:30 PM »
I am new to Plus+1 and would like some help. I have an ECU that sends a PWM signal (500Hz +/-5Hz, Duty Cycle 0-100%, 0-32V). I need the Duty Cycle to determine my pump speed (0-5% pump stopped, 5-95% entire pump speed range, 95-100% maximum speed). So basically I am looking for a CAN Controller that will read the ECU PWM signal and send a 29 bit J1939 CAN message to my pump. I may also be interested in a display to show current draw and RPM (from the CAN message).

Will these Plus+1 Controllers work in my application (Duty Cycle controlling the CAN message)? What hardware do you suggest and how easy is the programming?

I can give more details if needed. Thanks for the help in advance.