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Title: Please fix structured text bugs
Post by: FluidPowerTom on May 21, 2014, 07:19:14 PM
I'm making extensive use of the structured text POU's for a project.  I know this is a new feature, so I figured I'd help out by reporting bugs.

- Commenting has a lot of bugs.  If I want to comment out a section of code I start with the (*, but the comment ends at the next *) even if that was already closing an existing comment.  Also, I commented out some variables in my variable declaration window, and they disappeared!  Not cool!  It's especially uncool since there's no easy popup declaration window for variables.

- When I make a new POU and choose to include certain input variables off the bus it doesn't automatically populate the variable type.  When I put in a variable type I get data type errors when I save the POU.  I have to actually restart GUIDE, reopen, and resave the POU to fix this.

- Compiling errors reference coordinates for the error, but there's no coordinate readout in the structured text windows.

- When I have one structured text POU open I'm unable to do anything in the rest of GUIDE or open any other POU without closing out the window.

- Undo is ctrl-z in structured text (and everywhere else in the world) but is F10 in GUIDE.

Good work on adding the structured text guys.  Please address these bugs and continue to add polish to this area....or offer concurrent support for an already exceptional programming platform which I mentioned in another post...

**ADDED 5/27/14**

- I can't seem to rename a POU.  If this is possible it doesn't seem super clear how to do.

- I had some kind of bug wherein I had an output variable called out and used in an equation.  I then renamed this variable and made it a regular internal variable.  This seemed to cause a compilation error where some part of the software kept looking for that output variable.  I ended up copying the POU, and that seemed to fix it I think.  I'm not sure exactly what all went on here, but hopefully this is enough info to recreate the error.

- I'm having problems detecting output variables from multiple POU's on the bus.  I first put one POU in a basic page and then the next page down the bus I'm using those variables.  I added another POU in that first basic page, and I couldn't see those variables in the next page on the bus.  I then made a separate page for this second POU and put it in parallel on the bus to the other page with a POU, but now I can't see the output variables from the first POU.  Disconnecting and reconnecting buses in a variety of ways seems to switch which of the two POU's output variables I can see in my downstream block.  *Work around seems to be separating the variables off a bus onto a wire route immediately after the POU.  This shouldn't be necessary though...
Title: Re: Please fix structured text bugs
Post by: Daniel on May 22, 2014, 09:59:45 AM
Hi FluidPowerTom

Thanks a lot for the feedback. This is much appreciated.
As you mention, the structured text function is a quite new part of GUIDE and the polishing of the feature is an ongoing thing. Some of the issues are already addressed but still, feedback like this is important for us as we then know where to put our main efforts.

Your list is being forwarded to our engineers.

PLUS+1® HelpDesk
Title: Re: Please fix structured text bugs
Post by: FluidPowerTom on May 28, 2014, 03:58:24 AM

Thanks for forwarding these Daniel.  I'm really glad that you guys added this feature.
Title: Re: Please fix structured text bugs
Post by: Daniel on May 28, 2014, 09:10:14 AM
Thank you!

May I ask if you could send this list into helpdesk ( In that way we can more easily keep track and also more easily communicate if there is more information requested by our developers.

It would also be great if you also have the possibility to attach the project you are currently working on so we can get a better understanding of what is happening in some of the bugs.

Please also state the version of GUIDE that you are currently using.

Thanks for your help!

Best regards
PLUS+1® HelpDesk
Title: Re: Please fix structured text bugs
Post by: FluidPowerTom on May 30, 2014, 05:38:02 AM
OK I sent in the list just now.  Feel free to give me a call if any of my explanations don't make sense.