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Please I want to test my SC024 C2p07 output. How many current it will supported. 
When I set my output C2p07 to 1.  Our Leds are on and the current is a total 5,7A using current meter (tester).
But in service tools using feed back current I found 4,06A and 3,2A. Please see the image enclosed.
First why FeedBackCurrent in master and slave are different.
And also why the current meter (tester) (5,7A) is different then the FeedBackCurrent 4,06.
And the last current normally the maximum output current is 3A. So, Please why the controller is not protected the output.

Thanks in advance for your help

With best regards


I increased the load until the C2P07.OutputisDisabled and Status was 144 and C2P07.DigOut stay equal to 1.
Please what mean the number 144.
In manual took about 16=overload   32=Output Mode Error,  64=Safety Layer Failure,  128=Safety FET Disabled,   256=Internal Voltage Out of Range
I didn't find 144 in document see image enclosed.

Thanks in advance

best regards

Would be interested in hearing from Danfoss as to why such a difference in the current readings between primary and secondary.

The overload protection on the output is at 5.00A to 5.25A
For the status signal you need to look at the individual bits. Decimal 144 is 1001 0000 in binary so: -
bit 4 - Overload
bit 7 - Safety FET disabled by secondary

Hi Sir acmall,

Thank you for your answer

Please could you tell me where Danfoss document show 5A et 5.25A.

Why tester current is usually different than Feedbackcurrent.  The different is closed to 2A.


With best regards

I don't know why you are seeing such a difference in the current values.

You can find the information on the overcurrent limits in the PLUS+1 SC0XX-1XX Safety Controller Family Technical Information here: -

There should also be a copy of this in the Plus+1 Guide Hardware Tab under your SC024 controller.


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