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Hi, I am new to Danfoss controllers and I have an issue with a MC-050­.

I am very familiar with OMRON and Schneider Momentum PLCs and their programming tools, but can't seem to figure out how to read or write to the Danfoss controller. One of the outputs seem to be burned out and I would like to change the mapping of the controller as I am sure they aren't all used, but I do not have the original programming as it was built by a manufacturer that does not exist anymore. Changing the unit is not a solution I want to explore either as I can't order one from them or get the original programming, and starting from scratch seems pretty ludicrous. In that case I would strip anything danfoss related and replace with what we use elsewhere.

Purchasing a license is not a problem if it is indeed what it takes, as I am guessing you can't do much with the trial version of the plus1 suite, but I want to make sure before buying anything and I am willing to learn how to use these tools. I have the usb modem and am able to connect to the controller via canbus. I see it connected.

I cannot find any relevant documentation or videos online on how to upload whatever is inside, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Have a good day


I'm sorry, but without the source file, you won't be able to recompile and so switching an output port is not that easy.
The same goes for duplicating the controller: You need at least the compiled software, the parameter settings and passkeys to program and parameterize the controller.
I don't believe there is a way to extract the .LHX (compiled package) or back up the parameters if they're behind a passkey

Well... thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.

Looks like we'll be stripping anything Danfoss in the future, we have no use for something that can't be modified.

Have a good day

Well, looking at it from the OEM viewpoint, I would prefer it if an end customer isn't able to mess with my software.
If the OEM wants you to have that unrestricted access, they could provide the source code, or bring you in contact with the people that made and tested the software.
Same deal for accessing parameters. The OEM can, but isn't forced to password protect parameters.
If the manufacturer isn't available anymore, you might try to find out who took over, or try contacting Danfoss...

Most PLCs I have worked with in my carrer aren't locked out that way. Imagine stopping an entire line of production, in my case a gold mine, because 1 little company wanted to keep it's hands on a project and is now inexistent. Absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. We work with Omron and Schneider PLCs, and I have never had any problems whatsoever.

Most industries have very capable programmers, and OEMs build machines or products based on our needs, but maintenance and troubleshooting are in our department. Restricting something we have to work with on a daily basis is dumb at best.

Now I get why we barely see any Danfoss....


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