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Does anyone know the proper SPN conversion method for a Mercedes 904 engine?  I've set the conversion method to 2 but i'm getting a strange 6 digit SPN fault rather than the normal 3 digit fault.  I'm using PGN65226 and PGN65227 in my program.


I had a similar problem (maybe identical even ) with a Deutz engine.  Apparently Deutz conversion method was not commonly used in the engine world and as a result a bug in the GUIDE DM block for that specific conversion method was incorrect in the version I was using.  I would start by ensuring that your DM blocks are the very latest that Sauer have released.

Good luck

Was it possible to find a solution for this Mercedes 904? I struggle with the same problem, i.e. too long and wrong SPNs. The question of how to change the Conv Method? In the DM1_RX library block I don't have the Conv Method input option even though it exists in the block description. I have version DM1_RX 3.00.

Just enter into the DM block and edit the conversion method  see picture

try 3 or 4

In the DM1 block, I do not have the option to choose the type of conversion. In any case, the question is whether the output of the MSG SPN [U32] should send value an SPN code that can be sent directly to the display or the value needs to be processed / decoded somehow?

Another thing is that my ADM2-ECU is sending nothing to the address 0x18FECA so now I see as SPN other errors I currently have come from other J1939 ranges. Does the lack of an FECA address mean that the ADM2-ECU error sending needs to be activated? Bellow list of all ID. ID 105 it is DP600 display.


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