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Hello all. I have been working with Plus 1 for about a year now, and i am still learning new things about this software every day so please bear with me if this is dumb question. I would like to know what the service screen - detail/flow are (for example, under the PVE_Driver). I have tried to open them, no luck. I have searched all over Danfoss's website, manuals, and this forum. Thank you for any help!

I will go to the Hardware tab, right click on the service screen (example PVE-Driver Service Screen-Detail) and select Copy to Clipboard.

Then I open PLUS+1 Service Tool and create a new service application. I will Right Click on the Log Pages and then select Import from Clipboard...

This will create a page using the default Checkpoints that are enabled in the Function Block. If you change the Namespace you will have to make the adjustment to the signal names on the created page.

Fantastic. Thank you!!


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