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Hi Pinias,

Great that it was solved, and good that you shared the information.


SJ what version of windows do you use?

turns out I updated my work laptop to WINDOWS 10 PRO and I have the text issue back.

If I compile the same file with Windows 10 home all is good, texts are as should be, but if I compile the same file in Windows 10 PRO it just gets weird in regards of texts size and position.

does anyone have experiencied this?

I guess Plus1 help will be the one to help me out to find out what is going on with this.
it is annoying work the file in one laptop then the final compilation have to be in a different computer...
--- Code: ---
--- End code ---

SJ Industries:
I am using a Windows 10 pro. Laptop. I have had to change manufacturers for the current 10in display I am using so I can only say I have had the issue on the dm430 previously.

Hey Guys,

ok, before 2021.1 version was released it was confirmed by the Danfoss guys the text issue was a bug on GUIDE, now, does any one knows if this was fixed with the latest release 2021.1?

by the way is it supposed that for this new release 2021.1 a new license is required -purchased-?


Show me a fixed-width font that doesn't look like crap, and you'll be looking at a happy niteRider...  8)


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