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For the Dial Gauges in the Widget Library, is it possible to edit these gauges to show red and green color regions to the reading on the gauge. For example I would like to use a Large Dial Gauge - One for a pressure gauge 0 to 250 bar. I would like to have the 0 to 50 and 200 to 250 bar regions have some color indication that this zone is abnormal. And in the 50 to 200 bar region, there should be some green color indication that this zone is normal operating condition.

Anyone done something similar in GUIDE using the VBSE and Widget Library gauges? Struggling to see how to customize the gauges in this way.


I don't believe you can have regions with different colors. You can change the color of the complete bar when you are within those values you specified by adding a code in the application.
You have the possibility to create your own widgets.

An introduction to the widget library:
How to creating a widget:

Have a nice day.

Thanks I've followed that logic to change the color of the entire needle bar within certain ranges on the gauge. However this is not ideal for my application, next step will be to make some custom widget gauges then.


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