Author Topic: ADJ the "USER" ID that is shown in program "UNIT HISTORY" on the service tool  (Read 8427 times)


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HI :  New user and just getting started on the SD device.   I have full license on here and when I'm making programs up and installing them onto the SD controllers the "USER" initials are normally downloaded into the controller/device so someone who hooks up the "Service Tool" can see who accessed, installed or changed the controllers program.   While the others have there initials in that field when they program the devices when I do it it the field only has an "E" in there.    HOW do I change that field to my initials so others can see I was the author?

thank you
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Nick Anderson

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Don't quote me on this, but it seems to me that it's related to when you were asked to input your initials in the text file you created and used to get your license.  Whatever was put in that field on the computer you were putting the license on, would be what shows up in the unit history.


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Thanks Nick!

You are correct.

Best regards // Thomas