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I've searched the forum and saw a few other threads that are fairly similar but did not see any real evidence of people using Ethernet/CAN bus converters. Has anyone done this or had success at this? I've found a few online but would be interested to know if someone is already doing this and if they had any recommendations.

I am looking to receive receive TCP/IP data packets and convert them into CAN messages.

Thanks in advance!


I don't know of anything that is already in existence (with the exception of another brands controller), but I do know what is possible in regards to development boards, you could use a Raspberry Pi, or Clicker 2 board from Mikroelectronica could be a neat solution loaded with an ethernet click and a CAN click.

I have used the Clicker 2 in a couple of applications (including the CAN click) and it's a cool thing.



SJ Industries:
Had to look into it for a similar project and was recommended something along these lines. I haven't used them sorry, I don't know how easy they are to use.


I have used modbus to Can gateways, one from EATON, with this you have to write down the code and you have to understand both comm protocol otherwise becomes a headache. after all it did work fine.
the last one I used was from Pyramid technologies and it was modbus to J1939 for hazardous locations, this is really nice simple to use it is a little price because of the certs

I do have some from anybus  but for some reason I did not make it work, have not tried anymore but the key is to understand both comm protocols, for sure you undestand CAN.

I hope this helps

Thank you, all! I will be looking into all of those leads this morning. Really appreciate it!


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