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Is anyone familiar with J1979, and can you recommend a good document for applying it?  I'm finding references to the standards document and some articles about it, but I haven't found anything that breaks down the messages (11-bit CAN ID I think?).

I have no clue, but I found this :

Maybe you could buy this standard (do not cost that much) and maybe you will find the required info.

Have a good day!


Sam, we do own several of the J1939 standards, but I don't think I'd recommend them to anyone as learning material for developing an application.  They're more low level than what is needed for a developer using a platform like PLUS+1.  They're great for referencing the details of various PGNs and SPNs once you already know what a PGN and a SPN is.

You mean SAE J1979 a.k.a. OBDII?  Here's a message and PID breakdown:

Thanks!  Indeed the Wikipedia page was the best I'd found so far for practical application stuff I need, and I used that to build a list of transmissions and expected replies that I'll be testing soon.

I'll scope out the other link and see what I can learn.


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