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we would like to convert the TTL serial signal of distance (ultrasonic sensor) to a MC012 Controller. Do anyone know or do anyone has experience how we can do it?

We can use a converter TTL/CAN, but I will try to connect it directly as our first step... if it possible, of sure :)

Thanks for any idea how to do it.

PS. The description of data of TTL protocol is attached.

Best regards


Only Controller with RS232 are Displays DP6xx and DP7xx and ....
MC012 can't do RS232.

What is the distance between sensor and Controller?
RS232 with 9600bit/s is to fast to handle without RS232-interface in controller.
If you wand to handle this manually, the bit-rate should be very slow.

I think, the best way is, to convert it to can-signal.


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