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PGN and SPN in auto steer applictaion


Can anyone help?

I am trying to write a code to receive automatic steering information and send vehicle telemetry back to an automatic guidance system on an agricultural machine we are building. The people who make the guidance system have given me the ISO 11783-7 document detailing the relevant commands they will be transmitting, along with their CAN address.

but the ISO document only shows the SPN, I have a copy of the J1939DA document as well, which also only shows SPN data. How would you send and receive data without knowing the PGN or the position of the SPN data bytes?

I am new to this, so could be barking up the wrong tree completely!


Since the ISO 11783 is based in the J1939 I would say you could check SAE J1939 standard but you need both books each with more than 1000 pages. mather of fact Volume 2 is the one that breaks out the PGNs and SNPs.

what are the PGN´s you are looking for?


Hi Sam

Check the documentation of the PVED-CL

On page 33 you can find the description of the message.

Regards mebib


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