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C / C++ / C# programmer wants to get started using CG150


I have found many version of the CANOpen API from various vendors.  But my CG150 does not seem to be a compatible device on the versions I have tried so far.  Where can I get a CAN API for Windows / Visual Studio that will work with the CG150?  ( I need it for a J1939 project) (I already have the current CG150-2 drivers installed and working with GUIDE)  Should I be using something other than the CG150?  :(


It has been my experience that the CG150 is a Kvaser device with special software/driver specific to the CG150. I have not been able to use the CG150 with any application that is not Danfoss branded or that is looking for a Kvaser device or the RP1210A/B standard interface devices. You would probably need to contact the helpdesk directly to ask them about getting the API or other documentation to try to use the CG150 this way but I'm not sure it is available. We went with a Kvaser memorator to use with these applications and have great success with it.


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