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Communication to Beijer screen through CanOpen


Hello, I'm using a Danfoss MC050-120 controller to talk to a Beijer Qterm-A12 touchscreen. The touch screen uses IX Developer software to program, and in that program there is an option to import a tags list form my danfoss controller. I'm struggling to come up with a "tags List" for my Plus1 program, Is there a way to export the tags or I/O that I want to talk through CAN?

Thanks, James

I would recommend that you use FreeCAN over CANopen.  I have used a Beijer display to share about 2000 variables/tags with an MC50.  The touchscreen keypad is a nice feature to easily enter numbers into a Plus1 controller.

Can you give a link to where I can download FreeCAN from?  Does it work with a CG150 USB cable?


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