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Usually when I update Guide and Service tool through the Update Center, it downloads the files into my "Downloads" directory.  I like that because then I can share the download file for Service Tool to our Service and Production staff without them having to go through the process of filling out the form waiting for the replay and then downloading.  But when I upgraded to 12.1.7 it did NOT keep the downloads.  Also when I requested the latest from the web page, it gave me links to 12.0 not 12.1

I'd like to second that motion. I have the same issue. I have not been updating our service technicians to 12.0.7 because of the problems I experienced with it myself, but 12.1.7 seems to be much better thus far. I'd like to give them the option to run the latest version but can't find the setup application. It would be much easier if the update center downloaded both setup files to the download folder chosen in the update center.


Please check if the "Automatically delete installed files" is unchecked. See image.
I'm not sure if this box is automatically checked with a new version of the Update Center?

Hopefully this will help in the future.

Take care.

Hi again,

I forgot to mention the web download.
Unfortunately the web link is often updated later then the Update Center.
So use the Update Center as much as possible to be sure to have the latest version.

Thanks for the information on the Settings Page.  And I did find that the web link has the old versions, not the latest.


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