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Besides this forum you can create a case for PLUS+1 Helpdesk here:

After a case is created you'll get a web page with phone numbers to reach us, and a confirmation e-mail. You can respond to this e-mail if you need to add more information to the case.

If you are a customer of one of our distributors, please first contact your local distributor for support.

All of these contact details can always be found here:
"How to contact PLUS+1 Helpdesk" YouTube video:

Important information to include in your case description or have available before a phone call
  • Have you tried to close your project to P1P, restart GUIDE and then open the P1P-file? This sometimes solves smaller compilation errors etc.
  • A clear description of your issue;
     - What happened and in what order?
     - Preferable e.g. with screen dumps of error messages or even a movie if possible
  • What version of GUIDE/Service tool are you using?
  • Which HWD are you using?
  • Please include your project saved to a .P1P-file. The .P1P-format is really important otherwise we are not able to open up the complete project.
  • If you are connected via Service tool please right click on ECU list and choose Copy ECU list to clipboard and include it in the communication with the PLUS+1 Helpdesk.
  • If your product is located on a machine you might not have easy access to, make sure you take a picture of the product including its label if possible. That could tell us a lot about the hardware.

Also important for license related questions
  • What is your license id? (found in the license manager)
  • Do you have the last email with a product or license key? (If yes copy and paste that into the License manager and click on the Activate/Rehost link in the Register column to the right)
  • Have you searched for help in the Help instruction available in the License manager? (Found under Tools)

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk
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