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PLUS1 training in Germany?


Hi everybody,

does anyone of you know, if there is a plan to make a Plus1 training seminar in Germany?
There was one in 2008, but unfortunately 2 month before I joined the company... :-[

Best regards,

Hi Rolf!

The session we had in 2008 was a PLUS+1 users conference we now have the GUIDE Advanced Engineering Training.

I know that my colleagues in Offenbach are planning to set up a GUIDE Advanced Engineering training session in Germany. Location will be the sales office in Offenbach but date is not fixed yet. I guess it will be in the first part of 2011.

The training date will be published on our website.  

Best regards // Thomas

Thaks for your reply, Thomas.
Is here anyone else interesseted joining a training seminar in central germany?
Sweden is soooo far away and time is money.....

I had planned to visit the advanced training this week in sweden. Unfortunately there wasn't enough visitors so it was cancelled. A training in Germany would be better for us.

anything new?


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