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Hello Everybody,

I would like to ask some question regarding the block "Read Array from Application log".
When i try to read the "LineCount" Output. I get a weird amount of line.

I am using a DM1000, menu buttons , no Touch.

In the help manual i read X6 : Total number of lines in the application data log.
So i should get from this output 1,2... depending on the amount of line in the applog file.

Right now i am using a trick that register the number when i switch on the Display.
Because it's reading right when i switch on the device but in the moment i write a new line this number has a weird behaviour.

I am wondering if anyone had this issue?


Yes I have encountered this issue, I have found that the X6 LINE COUNT number randomly increases if you are trying to read the output while the Applog is logging/writing information.

My solutions was to turning off the Applog or ensure that nothing is being logged,
If you are not writing any information to the log you will be able to reading X6 LINE COUNT without error.

Thank you very much!


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