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DM430M With Widget library issues



I'm working on an application for a device that needs to display forward and reverse movement and due to size restrictions we're using the DM430M.

I started off using the widget library and the gauges there seem to work alright, except, I cannot for the love of my life figure out how to make them start at 0. If I choose the input value to be -100 to 100 I cannot get it to stick to 0, it'll always show the needle to be at 0 without showing values to -100. I must be doing something wrong right?

If this is the case, does anyone have a custom widget that does exactly that, go from 0 to -100 and moves the needle from 0-100?
I'm willing to pay for professional assistance (If that's even allowed on this forum, sorry if it ain't)

I'm a bit dumbfound that this is an issue I'm facing and hasn't been solved already, I'm almost 100% certain I must be making a mistake somewhere.


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