Author Topic: Need help setting up CS10  (Read 712 times)

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Need help setting up CS10
« on: June 27, 2024, 03:33:52 PM »
I'm attempting to setting up a CS10 on one of our applications but couldn't find any real documentation on the whole process.
So far I've connected to the device with my computer via Bluetooth, opened the p1d file and established communication to the CS10 from there.

When I opened the file, it said I have to change the WiFi SSID and password for full access.
I then went to the WiFi page -> Operation tab and see where I believe you change the SSID and password.
However, after I changed those settings and hit 'Save', I just get a message that says 'Operation restricted by gateway. Full access mode is required'.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong, am I suppose to change the SSID and password somewhere else or have I missed a step?
Any help is much appreciated.

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Re: Need help setting up CS10
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2024, 07:56:27 AM »
Hi Patrick,

first of all it is recommended to use the latest CS10 AppSW which is available on the PLUS+1 Update Center.
Any setting of the CS10 is shown in one of the following videos:
#124 CS10 Configuration Overview
#125 CS10 Set up WiFi Connection
#126 CS10 Set up Bluetooth Connection
#127 CS10 Set up M2M Connection

For the first use of the CS10 it is needed to change the Default SSID and Password. Using the default setting will block the CAN Access for safety reason.
In addition the Full Access mode is needed to be able to write any parameter to the CS10. In the Service Tool Page "Machine State determination" you have to enable "Force Full access mode".
Another needed parameter is "Proxy Enable" in the Service Tool page "MISC". This parameter enables the proxy to have remote access to the CS10 via internet (24h access pass).

All this CS10 default settings and also more stable WiFi and BT connection has been modified and improved in the next CS10 AppSW Version v122 which will be released soon.