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Lifetime NVmem Erase/Write for DM430E


I can't find anything on the Non-volatile memory other than it having a 32kB EEPROM. Anyone know the lifetime erase/write cycle number for these?

Normally this EEproms are ferromagnetic and so millions of erase/write cycles.
I just find no document, sorry.

I'm doing quite a bit of an educated guesses here from my limited experience with the DM430, but they seem to use STM32F777 series and their flash cycle per datasheet is about 10k cycles if my memory serves right, however they could be using an external NVRAM for data storage which would make it a bit impossible to guess unless just opening one of those displayes and look at the hardware inside. What I believe plus1 is doing is writing stored values to EEPROM which has ~100k write cycles (or at least that's how I'd do it).

The better question is, why would you need to write so often to a flash memory or eeprom that this is a question, unless for pure education purposes. (I also assumes plus1 is doing something in the background to preserve flash or eeprom memory, or at least they should).

Here it is DP570, but it is the same technique:

"FRAM Memory
DP570 Series Displays use Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FRAM). FRAM has a write endurance of
over 100 trillion cycles, which is ideal for datalogging. 2kB is available for application."


Sorry about the late response.

I was approached by a developer who saw this topic and he wanted me to write a clarification to avoid confusion.
When it comes to the DM430 and the EEPROM we guarantee 4 million write cycles.

Have a nice day.


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