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MFoutput Reflexion question



Using MFoutput of MC050 or SC050 and mybe all controllers as MC050 C1p37 why currentOut is S32 but DutyOuT is U16.

Look please   OutputMode (3,4,5,6) can be U16.    see picture   because we most change every time our program
So if it's possible to change it definitively it will be better.

Thank you very much
Mac Bahi

Hello Mac Bahi,

Yes, it would be sufficient with a U16.
I asked around and no one really know why this is a S32, this was probably just decided in the beginning that currentOut "needs" to be S32.

You can use the "Retype" component between your logic and the currentOut. If that helps.

Have a nice day.

Hi sir Tor,

Thank you for your response.  Yes I use Retype.

With best regards
Mac bahi


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