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DM430: Error 8 Internal aggregate error Error converting images

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***Error 8*** [PLUS1_IDE] Internal aggregate error Error converting images
I created a new revision to a display program, did not add any new images, just some new text and every time I try to compile I get the above message.  If I open an older revision that did compile and try to re-compile, I get the same error again.

Hello dlewis,

Did you try other Guide versions? Or did you check the version of the HWD file? I had a simmilar issue where I unistalled a old version run into ussues.

I'm running the latest version of Guide and Hwd file for the display.  I did find if I reboot my computer, the old version of the program will compile without any issues.

Here's some new information I just learned.  If I attempt to compile the program with Guide 12.2.10 it compiles without any issues.  If I then compile it with Guide 2021-1.6 without making any changes, it compiles fine.  When I made a few changes to the programs again, I got the Error 8 again.  And again it would compile fine with Guide 12.2.10

Hello dlewis,

Can you report and send the project to the PLUS+1 Helpdesk?

In the Subject you can write "DM430: Error 8 Internal aggregate error Error converting images". And in the description that this should be reported to the PLUS+1 Developers (CQ). Also add the link to this thread/post in the forum.
If the project is to large to send in the mail note this in the description and we will send you an upload link.

Thank you.


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