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DM1200T bluetooth


Has anybody tried to use or connect to the bluetooth available on the DM1200T? I have the interface enabled, have it set to discoverable, and set autopairing to true just so that i could try to get connected to it. I had it show up on my phone as available only one time and when i tried to pair with it, i got a message on my phone that there is an app needed for pairing  ??? ? I was just wondering if anybody had some advice or maybe a sample that would help me.

Thank you!


I have not played around with the DM1200 and mobilephones enough to help you with this setting. Maybe someone else has a good answer.

Please contact the PLUS+1 Helpdesk and create a case if you still have problem:
Add to the case what HWD file and what type of phone you are using, as much details you can.


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