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New Danfoss Telematics vs old

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Mike AA:
This is geared towards Danfoss personnel but anyone that knows I would be greatful.

A couple days ago TOR listed some initial info on release dates on the new telematics devices.

I like the WS103 replacement CS10. I have a couple WS103 and wonder if the new CS10 will connect to them or not. This is not critical as the WS103 were used sparingly and not actually left on the equipment and I am using DM1200 on new equipment.

I look at the CS100 and wonder if its comparison would be the WS403 since the ws503 had a battery and the CS100 doesn't seem to say anything about a battery.

His 3rd listing said CS500 and that it was a replacement for the W403, which confuses me as noted above.

I ask all this as we are nearing completion of a new Trencher and I need to get a telematics solution on it and I would prefer to use new tech right away than old outdated to be updated in the near future.

I'm sure I missed something....


I attached a pdf that can also be found in the virtual exhibition space on the DPS site. From what I have been told the CS100 is only used for collecting and displaying data (via some portal). It will not have ST capabilities as did the WS403. The CS500 however will be capable of both data logging and service tool connection (WS403/503 like).

 I am not Danfoss personnel but that is what I know. Hope it helps.


I'm sorry that this has taking so long, but getting information about this equipment isn't easy. But I finally got some answer on your questions from the busy guys that handles this. I hope it can help you.

"CS10 doesn't talk to WS. CS10 does talk to DM1x00

The CS100 and the CS500 do not have batteries. The reason the CS500 is like the WS403 and the WS503 is because it supports remote service tool session.
The CS100 does not support remote service tool sessions but can pull a few signals to the portal for fleet management use cases."

Have a nice day.

Mike AA:

we you say it can pull a few signals to the portal.... were you given any details about how much? I currently use the WS403, not much lately but in the past, to stream data to a cellular connected laptop so onsite engineers could watch our rig data real time.

I don't know if you know about what I do TOR but I work for Dewind One Pass Trenching. The Danfoss equipment runs all the hydrostats on our machines in addition to engine control of 4+ engines per machine on our newer bigger rigs and monitor speeds of the augers and tracks and angle and elevation. Occasionally we will have a client that gets an engineer that wants to monitor our rig data so that they can see what material, how much and how fast we are putting it in. I need to use some form of telematics to do just that. I have the DM1200 (two actually) on our new rig so I can get a Wi-Fi connection, that's fine for someone nearby onsite. My problem comes when they want to monitor from farther off in a job trailer. I know I can boost the Wi-Fi signal (I have done miles) but I would prefer to use something more cellular based for plug and play.


Hi Mike,

The CS500 will have a cellular solution.
Unfortunate I have not got any official documentation for this unit. This is still set to be released in March 2021 so I hope the documentation will land on the webpage soon.

I will try to keep you posted as soon there are some news.

Have a nice day


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