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WS103 replacement by proemion canlink 3001 plus+1

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As WS103 is no longer available, I try to replace it with a CANlink 3001 plus + 1.
I manage to connect with "WS Wireless Configurator (v2.1.0)" and load the configuration, but I cannot connect with the service tool 12.1.
(For information, the version of the "WS wireless drivers" is

TCP port 30000 does not appear to be open while it is in the configuration.

Could you help me please?

Thank you :)

Romain, Hydrosafe


It is working now.

To do list :
- install proemion apps
- put the lastest firmware in the canlink
- but the most important things : do the job with a good serial RS232 chip !!

Romain, Hydrosafe

WS103 no longer available?  I just got one a couple of months ago and am not finally trying to get it to work.

I would abandon the Proemion devices and move to the Danfoss CS series telematics when they become available. We just ordered a CS10 to play around with because the CS100, and CS500 and not ready as of now. CS10 appears to be the direct replacement for the WS103. The CS10 is configurable via GUIDE/ST so there is no need for the WS/Proemion Configurator tools.


Since the CS products is up for discussion I would like to share when they are planned to be released:

CS10   - Already released -
CS100 - December 2020 -
CS500 - March 2021 - WS403 replacement - No available information

The release may change, but this is the plan for the moment.

Have a nice day.


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