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Training's released for 2020!

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Hi Pinias.
The DM1x00 is a new display generation also for the SW PAE team responsible for the PLUS+1 Advanced training.
We have the DM430 in our training kits today. So the training is focused around these units. Unfortunately, the DM430 doesn't have WIFI, Bluetooth etc.
A good starting point to find more information on the DM1x00 is to watch the YouTube videos on the subject made by the SW PAE Team. See this play list ,

Best Regards
SW PAE Team (PLUS+1 Helpdesk)

Hey Jonas,

thanks for your feedback, I have seen the videos, it tells you the basics, I just wonder about the posibility for any advanced training in the DM displays, I mean they are powerful. specially the ethernet part, if we are not experts on that matter we just do not know what way take first, perhaps a ethernet component like the CAN component should be added to GUIDE that will simplify things.

it is all about working in a real plication with the new comm protocols added on the DM displays.

I hope we see something like that soon  :D



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