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Title: Transmission output speed
Post by: Mike AA on October 06, 2015, 07:19:45 PM
I am now working on hooking up a speed sensor on an Allison 5 speed transmission output to my controller. I am using an Ai-Tek Instuments 70082-100-022 or -024 cant remember which model but they're the same specs. The PDF is ( I am using the dual coild but currently only hooked to one coil. I have this connected to C1P23 of MFC050-018, pinconfig0=0 pinconfig1 =1, diginconfighigh 300, diginonfiglow 200. The machine this is hooked to I currently don't have the ability to test but I am looking for input as to if these settings and my code will work? When I have the chance to test I wont have a lot of testing time so if I can get it running quicker with less changes would be great.