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Title: Announcing PLUS+1® GUIDE and Service Tool 12.2
Post by: jlindholm on January 27, 2021, 10:40:12 AM
Fast. Easy. Open. Three pillars sustaining and guiding advances in performance and features of PLUS+1 GUIDE and Service Tool, a fundamental framework that continues with the 12.2 release. Rest assured, Danfoss is committed to further improve the PLUS+1 software platform to enable customers with intelligent and intuitive tools to shorten product development cycles. 

GUIDE 12.2 incorporates new features to ease machine design and offers an improved UI/UX. The following are part of this new release: 
New features 
Ease of navigation with added toolbar enhancements, flexible zoom options and updated menu structure

Service Tool 12.2   
New features

Easiest way to update, and keep you updated on any new releases, is by using our PLUS+1 Update center

If you are interested in getting a short overview of the new features, please watch our YouTube video,