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Danfoss Account Login issue.



There seems to be an issue with the Danfoss Account (DIP) that makes it impossible to log in again after logging out.
This has been reported when using the PLUS+1 Update Center, but other tools are affected as well.

So, if you are logged in, don't log out, and you will be fine.
The developers are trying to find a solution and I hope it will be solved soon.

Thank you

Hi Tor, is this still a problem? I have a customer with issues.


Yes it is still an issue. 
They have found the problem and are looking for a way to fix it.  Somehow there have been a change in the DIP (Danfoss Identity Provider) that have caused the issue.

I will post more information as soon as possible.


News about the issue:
"There is currently a problem with our Danfoss Identity Provider (DIP).
This issue is currently preventing all login attempts through the PLUS+1 Update Center. Therefore, you should currently refrain from logging out of the PLUS+1 Update Center, as a later attempt to log in will not work.
This issue currently affects the PLUS+1 Update Center and Remote InterLink login via PLUS+1 Service Tool.

The issue has been identified and fixed, and a patch will be released as soon as possible for the Update Center and the Service Tool.

Please contact the helpdesk if you need data, documents, or other attachments that you normally receive from the PLUS+1 Update Center."

There is also a "work around" identified.  - Note! This didn't work for me, but for some of my colleagues - :

"Without closing the White popup window if you right click on the icon in the task bar you can open the PLUS+1® Update Center window.  See image.

When this window is open (It will indicate there are no subscriptions ) if you press F5 the software looks like it is scanning the subscriptions, there is a “hide” button that needs to be pressed.
This closes out the Update Center window and you get a popup indicating the PLUS+1 Update Center is still running.
If you then again right click on the icon in the Windows Task bar (this icon remains in spite of the previous popup) it looks like the subscriptions are now populated."

I hope it helps some of you. If not, I hope the patch will be released soon.

Have a nice day.


For all of you who had problems with the Danfoss Login when using the PLUS+1 Update Center, here's a link to the latest release that will fix this.

If you have not logged out, and the PLUS+1 Update Center is working, the update will be automatically updated, as normal, when it's time.

The link will be valid until June 30. After that, please download the latest version from the webpage.

Sorry about any inconveniences during this time.

Have a nice day.


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