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MC 050-112 leds turning off

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Hi Guys.
ive got an issue with a MC050-112 controler fitted to a bergmann tracked dumper. the machine works fine then every now and again the machine ramps down to a stop and wont move anywhere. ive got the flash codes off the manufacture but they would be useful if when the machine faults that the controller actually flashes anything. but what it does is it turns the constant green led off and nothing flashes or turns on. what i have to do to get rid of the fault is to turn the ignition off give it 10-15 seconds and then its fine and i get all functions back, untill the fault happens again. can anyone shine some light on to why the controler "turns" itself off.


Only the OEM (or the Software designer) have the source code to help you out.  The leds can be set to do whatever they want.
Handling the controller as a black-box is an option, but might be difficult.
Are you sure the supply lines are OK, and the voltage stays within the range needed?
You can verify if all parameters/inputs stay within the needed ranges.
Speed sensors might drop out, and tell the controller to go in power saving.

Best of luck

the machine manufacturer dont know why it turns itself off
its not somthing they program the controler to do.

While that green LED is programmable the default function is simply for it to turn on when the microcontroller is powered up and off when it is powered down.  I would recommend first checking to see if the controller is getting 12VDC (or 24VDC if that's what your machine runs on) to its power pins when this condition occurs.  My immediate suspicion would be that the controller is losing power for some reason.

It is strange that cycling power fixes it.  That makes me wonder if the microcontroller isn't being powered through a relay which itself is losing power.

hay guys
the controller is powered though a constant power (24v) once the ignition is turned on. this power comes from a 10A fuse off a fusebox in to a connector block where 4 wires go to the MC050 all with 24v powers. ive connected to the mc050 using danfoss service tool and interface cable, its got no active faults and no stored faults.

cheers tony


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