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I am using DM430E.

Please is-it possible to reboot the display without make power off.

Thanks in advance for your help


Mac bahi

Hello Mac bahi,

Unfortunatley this is not possible for the DM430.

Have a nice day

Hello Tor,

Thanks for your reply. 

If it's possible to reboot without power off for other module please could you tell me the command to do that.

Thanks in advance

Have a nice day


My answer was a bit misleading. As far as I know there are no controllers with the functionality you are asking for.
The DM1x00 has a "Low Power Mode" (PowerHoldService) but your not able to do a reboot without cutting the power.

Have a nice day.

The DP720 & DP570 displays have a BIOS variable for reboot (it is in the Outputs/OS page). I have not actually tried use it but it is there. You can check the API Specification document for any other controllers or displays to see if thy also have this variable.


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