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I'm looking to make a control module which will take a joystick input and transfer that to a hydrostatic pump output.

I'm using the MC024-120 controller and a S90 EDC pump.

I've connected up the modules as best as I know how in the Plus1 Guide software , but when I try to compile the project, a number of errors come up, shown below. Also attached the project file if that's any use.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



When using a function block that connects to an output pin you need to delete the config settings for that pin in the outputs page (see screenshot). CurrentOut and OutputMode are both being set with the values from the function block, so the constant values that are connected in the output pages must be deleted or they will interfere. Delete the constant values (as shown in the screenshot) for both C2p03 and C2p04.

Hope that helps.

That's worked,

Thanks for your help!

Another question about software settings and hardware

My vehicle is 24v, so the controller supply voltage will be 24v, the edc control is 12v, how would I take care of that? Can it be done or do I need a 12v supply voltage?



The resistance of a 12V coil is typically below 4 Ohm, for a 24V coil we're talking about 15 to 20 Ohm.
This means that were you planning to use a 12V coil on a 24V  system, you would have a peak current of 6+ A.
This gets worse if your voltage rises to 27-28V (on mobile machines).

Depending on the type of pump, you might be able to change the coils to the rated voltage. To me, that's the preferred option.
Second option is to bring the controller to 12 Volt supply.
If that also is not an option, one could opt to install shunt resistors to limit the current peaks but that might might cause other issues as you probably need a +1.5 A max current to get the pump on max displacement. With a shunt in the region of 12 Ohm, that would mean a resistor that takes 20-25 Watt .


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