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RX message can problem



I'm back with a new problem, which is the following

I want to test the reception of a can message to light a bulb when C1P06 is at 12 Volt

with CAN Monitor from the service tool, I can clearly see byte 7 changing state if C1P06 is at 12 volts, but the lamp does not light up

if with my network analyzer I send 80 to byte 7 of my frame with ID 0x100, my lamp lights up

so my reception part works if I send the frame myself!

the tx part of my program also works because I see it in CAN monitor of Service Tool

so everything is good but it doesn't work

I don't understand can you help me

thank you


The controller can't send and receive simultaneously on the same CAN bus.

If you don't have another controller to test with you could connect CAN_0 & CAN_1 together so that you can send on one and receive on the other.


very good work fine

now i test an IOX24-010 i hope i undetand how it works




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