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Hello Friends
My question is whether it can control the RPM of an engine through a p600 display.
and if so. How do you Aryan? or, what programming block would be used?

Thanks in advance for the answers you can give me  :D

Short answer:  Yes.

A couple things though.  I don't know what size of engine you are dealing with, but you have to make sure that it has been set up to allow an external source to request an RPM.  Once that is confirmed, then you need to construct your CAN message to 'talk' to the engine.  This message can vary according to manufacturer.  There is a J1939 PGN included in the function library that may make your life easier, but you will need some information from the engine manufacturer to be sure.  Then, of course, you will need to construct the screen and button logic for the operator to make/change the rpm request.

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Not sure what you are asking here...?

Thanks, my good friend


ok if you want to control the engine RPM using a DP600 it does not work very good.   I have done that, you can check my posts and you will see some advises.
 the loop time is an issue with the dp600 or any other display.

So you need  a controller and use the J1939 blocks that is very easy and the requested engine speed (RPM) is set accurate

Si quieres controlar las revoluciones del motor empleando un display se puede pero no funciona bien, las RPM no son estables hay un conflicto entre el ECM y tu display, lo mejor a hacer es a traves del display enviar la instrucción a un controlador y que el controlador envie el mesage de RPM solicitadas.

Usa el block que viene en PLUS1 GUIDE J1939

ya lo hice y funciona bien


Has anyone tried to control a motor using a DP6x0LX? I suggest, that the loop time is even shorter because of the faster processor.


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