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Compiler error messages: where do you look them up?


Where can I look up compiler error messages generated in Plus+1 GUIDE?
     *** ERROR 188 ***  [chpargu1]   SCREEN PORT NOT DEFINED {Data.Btn1.Enabled}
     DP600T!TOP!Application!ButtonsStd!ButtonsStdAr (0,0)
The Sauer Danfoss website, and GUIDE help files seem to lack such a resource.

The error message ist displayed after the ***ERROR Nr ***
In your case, it seems that you have defined (drawed) a Btn1, which should be enabled when one (or some) cases are true.
This error messages says you, that the signal you wired to the enable rider of Btn1 is not defined at the layout area, or is not connected to the screen page bus.
If you have changed something on this bus, remember that Plus1 is case sensitive!


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